wtorek, 28 lutego 2012

Produkt który zastąpi większość Waszych kosmetyków

Bonjour mon cherie!

Nagrałam dla Was filmik, jest bardzo złej jakości - uprzedzam ;).
Ale chciałam sie z Wami podzielić moim ulubionym produktem, kto wie, może którejść z Was tak samo przypadnie do gustu jak mi? 

Jeśli nie przypadnie Wam do gustu - też dajcie mi o tym znać.


poniedziałek, 27 lutego 2012


Bonjour mon cherie~!
I have cutted a fringe...
I am not really happy with how it's turned out, cause it makes my face even more puffy, but ah well, I'm just swepping it aside, hope it will grow out soon.
My hair is naturally curly, but because its so long it became straight, but with the bang you see, their are short and they curl as crazy. Have some of you had that? I always need to style them, otherways.... it's just can't be worn without straighting.


sobota, 25 lutego 2012


Bonjour mon cherie!
A second post today, because of my new idea!

What would you think of monthly giveaways?
1st of every month i will upload a photo with all the goodies I'm about to give away and all you need to do to recive the price is upload this picture and link my blog in your post + be my follower. On the last day of every moth I will announce the winner(s)
So I think it will start next month! Hope you like it. And if it gets more popular i will give more goodies away or there will be more winners. We'll see.
Hope you like this idea, love you

River Island Darks look through

Bonjour mon cherie!
So the spring is coming, but as I said before - my closet is full of pastel clothing.
So I am only planning to look at dark coloured clothing, to mix it more Dior way.
Here are some pics from River Island:

What are u planning to look for while shopping for sping season?

czwartek, 23 lutego 2012

Dior Spring - Summer 2012

Bonjour mon cherie!

I have watched the Dior show today for the spring - summer season, and I absolutely love it! 

It is in my eyes a really feminine collection, classic and modern at the same time. Dark and light. I love how the reds and blacks are combined with pastel colours, how 50's style got modernized.
Normally I don't follow fashion as the seasons comes and goes, I have my own taste - and my taste really adores this collection! I always was amazed by rococo era, textures of their dresses, embriodery. I always have prefered sweet pastel colours and 50's style clothing just fits me the best. Last few weeks I am in love with a youtuber named Leva who is a absolutely gorgeus girl and gave showed me how pretty and soft(!) red lips and dark colour can look on a girl. 

You should definitly check her out when u have a free moment!

So yes, pretty much the new Dior collection is what I am now all about, and it makes me soo glad!
What do you girls think?


środa, 22 lutego 2012

Lot's of pictures!

Bonjour mon cherie!
I've spend the last 2 days at my mum's house, and I've made quite few pictures for you.
I've done my nails, Lumene nail polish in no83:
I also got the sweetest present from my brother!:

And this is just my fav outfit. Nude colour H&M plisse dress with pastel pink sweater and comfy pants.


poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2012

Ladurée Make-up!

Also such a fan of macaroons from Paris? Ladurée is coming with a make-up collection!
Ladurée started in 1862, few years back they came with scented candles and parfums, now its time for make-up!
Eyeshadow in form of a macaroon? Lipgloss with a sweet taste? This serie is planned to come out this autumn!
I am wondering how Ladurée's blush, lipstick and foundation will look like.
I have found some pictures of their products on internet, but it's just a small sneak-peak of the collection Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée. Have a look!

Are you exited as I am? Look how sweet all their products look like!
I've heard the collection will be released in february in Japan, but Europa needs to wait for quite a bit.
Ah well, I'm sure it's gonna be worth it!


niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

My favourite products!

Bonjour mon cherie!

I wanted to write about the products I use, because they are mostly high-end products & I know most of people would not dare to try them, cause u never know how much you'll like them or how will it work for you.
So I wanted to give you a small review on my most beloved products. So let's strat of with 
make up:

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Blush -most amazing blush ever!
I really love how convinient it is! You can just put it in your bag and dont have to be scared that your powder brush will brake or your brush will get ruined - because the package comes with puff, and you aplly just by pressing it on your skin. Perfect!

Yves Saint Laurent Fond de teint - it was a gift given to me quite long time ago, and i never used it because i wanted just to 'have' it, but few months ago I started to use it, because foundation unlike powders can't be kept to long. I couldn't find it on YSL site, so i guess this product has been discontinued but what can i do? I just love the coverige and the convinient pomp it came with. 

Dior Radiance Booster Pen - amazing again. You can't even tell I have something on. It goes quite light with the colour rage, I'm really pale, and still i need nr02, so that something you need to look at.

Dior Ultra-Gloss - Really sweet pale pink colour, but the most important thing for me is that it isnt sticky. I have a lot of hair, and when the wind blows it's all in my face - hate the feeling of hair sticked onto my lips. With this lipgloss I dont have that at all, it stays for a long time, you don't 'eat' it too quickly. It is quite moisturizing as well. The colour I have is withour glitters, but I also bought one with glitters for my mum, so there is option for everyone.

Versace Bronzing Powder - the best bronzer I have ever used. If you're pale you need just a tiny little bit to get a sun-kissed look. It is absolutly not orange even if u are as pale as I am. Looking really natural, not powdery on your skin. But again - I dont know if you can still get it somewhere. But if you do - u should totally buy it -even for the packaging. Such a collectors item.

Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara - Ok, this is so far the best mascara i have ever used! It makes your lashes full, lifts them up and separate them perfectly. It really gives a false lash illusion, totally love and recomand this mascara to all of you!

Lancaster Sun Makeup - Oh my gosh! This is just like a liquid gold! After you try this, u can't live without it. You can use it on both your face or body.

Just a little tiny bit of sun makeup on my cheek. Pretty or what?

 Hair care:

Charles Worhington London Results shine on & full volume - I am really glad i've picked this 2, bacause they really do the job. The shine one really illuminates my hair but it doesnt make them look greasy. My hair is really long -around hip length, so no way it will have nice volume. Normally no lift-spray works on me, because my hair is so heavy and long - but this stuff is my hero. Definitly worth a try! Both of them.
Toni & Guy Iron It Heat Defence Spray - you know the wierd 'burned' sensation you can have after straightning or curling your hair? I did have it a lot, especially at the ends of my hair. When i use this spray it feels absolutly silky and not demaged at all.I am really happy with this product. I have really long hair, and I've bleached them 4 times in the past - but the last time i was at the hair saloon and they looked at my hair with a microscope it was perfectly fine, no splitends or broken hair. I think it is also because of the good heat protectant. 

Kerastase Soleil Hydra Fresh - this is a must - have for summer. See is salty and dries your hair like crazy. This prevents it and nourish my hair. Also if you dye your hair it's helplfull if your colour is washed off easily (especially helpfull for red-heads). I take it always with me to the beach. Much love!
Lanza zero weight gel - bought this product when I was a blonde, because of its beautifull gold glitters which illuminates the hair. The smell is amazing - fresh apple scent. You really can't tell there is something on my hair, but the curls stay in place perfectly for 8 hours +. The best thing i used for my curls. You also can't really see the glitters, the hair just becomes more shiny and smooth looking because of them.


Christian Dior Miss Dior Body Milk - if you're a fan of the scent you should definitly think about getting this! The smell stays on your body even for 2 days, and the packaging is soo cute!
Alessandro Hands up! Magic Manicure - I think this is the best hand peeling i have ever used. You shake oil with scrub toghether, squeez onto your palm, massage for 60 seconds and wash it off. You need to try it, your skin becomes satin soft, I can't even describe it! And the smell is amazing! Alessandro have the best manicure products, so if you see it somewhere you should buy it, such a good stuff!
Guerlain Terracota self tanner - Never streaky, never orange. Perfect, also on your face. It also doesn't have the self tanner smell, the scent is really pleasant.


Salvadore Ferragamo Incanto Parfum - I am not very good at descibing smells, but if you ever see it at your parfumerie - definitely worth a smell! Almost all of my friends wanted to know what perfume I wore when i had this on. 
Givenchy Amerige Body Spray - really nice 'rich' smell for everyday
Chloe Parfum - a really neat, clean scent, i prefer to use it at work.

piątek, 17 lutego 2012

Giadient toe nails!

Bonjour mon cherie!
Today I have a picture of my toe nail design - gradient white-green-blue with glitter.
Would some of you be interested in a tutorial? Picture or video, let me know!


środa, 15 lutego 2012

Naturalne sposoby na piekne wlosy

Bonjour mon cherie!
Gotowe kosmetyki, których w sklepach nie brakuje są nafaszerowane chemia, oraz często testowane na zwierzętach. Podobne, jeśli nie lepsze właściwości mają naturalne specyfiki sporządzane przez nas w domu. Są dużo tańsze i zawierają całe mnóstwo składników odżywczych.

Wykorzystaj rośliny i owoce ze swojego ogródka lub kupione w sklepie. Przygotowanie odpowiedniej mikstury nie zajmie ci dużo czasu, ale za to efekt będzie doskonały.

Oto kilka propozycji:

Sok z cytryny dodaje zniszczonym i matowym włosom blasku. Delikatnie rozjaśnia włosy blond. Aby rozjaśnic nieco włosy należy sok z dwóch cytryn wlać do szklanki wody. Nastepnie wypłukać włosy tą miksturą i wystawić je na słońce na około 15 minut.By uzyskac blask na włosach spłukujemy włosy pod koniec mycia sokiem z cytryny.

Skrzyp polny
Zawiera krzemionke która buduje strukturę włosa. Odbudowuje zniszczone włosy i sprawia ze stają się one grubsze. Przyśpiesza także ich wzrost. Płukanke przygotowujemy z trzech łyżek skrzypu zalanych czterema szklankami wody. Wywar gotujemy tak długo aż zostanie tylko połowa płynu. Włosy płuczemy zaraz po umyciu.

Pomaga pozbyć sie łupieżu i problemu przetłuszczających się włosów. Nadaje włosom złotawego połysku. Ma działanie odkażające i przeciwzapalne.Dwie garście suszonego rumianku zalewamy litrem wrzącej wody. Odstawiamy przykryty napar na 20 minut. Odcedzamy i płuczemy włosy przez pare minut. Stosujemy przy każdym myciu.


Łagodzi podrażnienia i nawilża skórę głowy. Regeneruje zniszczone włosy.Na wzmocnienie włosów możeby przygotować maseczke aloesową. Miksujemy 5 liści aloesu złyżką miodu, 1/3 szklanki ciepłej wody i dwoma łyżkami oliwy z oliwek. Nakładamy maskę na pół gdziny przed myciem włosów i owijamy głowę folią lub ręcznikiem.
Mam nadzieje, iz beda to dla was przydatne informacje~!