piątek, 10 lutego 2012

Crazy teacher!

Bonjour mon cherie!

What a day, what a day.
I will be writing about my school, so prepare! It won't be really fun to read, but maybe somebody can relate to it.

Ok, I begon this schoolyear as a student of social working (?), but then, i needed to end the study because I was moving, became sick, and needed the time for myself. But after 2 weeks everything was back to normal,  and my teacher said I couldn't go back! 
So full of bullshit!
Other pupils of her could join the class again after being absent for more than few weeks. But ok, I move on. I still got my scholarschip going, so I have made an appointment with a headmastrer, and she said i could join a 'time-out' kind of class and wait for my study to begin next schoolyear. This way I would still be reciving my scholarship. So i Have joined the class, i was working hard on my powerpoint presentations and got quite a big amount of schoolstuff done, but then I got sick (this week). 

My school is like 30 min walking from a trainstation, and it' was snowing this last few weeks. Holland is not really good prepared for snow,  so i was waiting for 4 hours for my train, in skinny yeans, ballerinas, and a poncho. I've got soooo sick! I am very proper, so I just called school monday and said I was sick and won't be coming to school today and tomorrow - Ok, no problem they said. And then wednesday I was also feeling sick so I called sick at school again, and this time I've talked to my spanish teacher about it and explained why I'm sick. And today one of my teachers called me and said he decided he is stopping my study in his class. Guess why? Because he haven't heard from me! 
Logical failure right?

I am going to discuss this with my headmaster monday. Im so furious!


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