czwartek, 9 lutego 2012

Diets do SUCK!

Bonjour mon cherie!

I am... upset. Today I have tried some of my old jeans and they didn't fit.
It does seem quite random, but it really isn't!

I was dieting for such a long time, and I see absolutly no results!
I know I need to give it more time, but still, i feel so dissapointed ...
I was on Dukan diet for a week, but I just can't stand such a big amount of meat. I never crave meat, so I don't really need that in my diet. Also it took such a long time to cook dukan, and I'm a student - don't have the time. Now I'm on the raw diet, it seems to fit me better. I really hope I will loose weight soon. I'm quite obese, 100 kg is A LOT of weight. I would be pleased enough with 70 kg. But I always have been so big, and even my doctor doesn't have a cure for me. "Why?" you could ask ; ah, well...

I always have been so big, because of my allergies. So I never had normal weight, I always was obese. I have never eated a lot, or 'the wrong' food - but my body processed the food so slowly, no metter how tiny mine meals were I still became bigger. So over the years, uh... I don't know why I even give dieting a chance, maybe because I've done some internet research which said Dukan helps really obese and sick people, and raw diet cures sick people too - and u need to agree with me on this one - have u ever seen someone obese, who would only eat veggies and fruit?

I think I will stick with the raw diet for some time.
My doctor also said it is quite riscy for me to run, so my 'working out' is long distance walk, wich I did all my life, just because I enjoy it - and it never did something for my body. So the doctor sugested liposuction - but then again, in will come back because we can't cure my slow metabolism.

I'm so sick of it all!

- Hope u guys have awesome bodys.

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