czwartek, 23 lutego 2012

Dior Spring - Summer 2012

Bonjour mon cherie!

I have watched the Dior show today for the spring - summer season, and I absolutely love it! 

It is in my eyes a really feminine collection, classic and modern at the same time. Dark and light. I love how the reds and blacks are combined with pastel colours, how 50's style got modernized.
Normally I don't follow fashion as the seasons comes and goes, I have my own taste - and my taste really adores this collection! I always was amazed by rococo era, textures of their dresses, embriodery. I always have prefered sweet pastel colours and 50's style clothing just fits me the best. Last few weeks I am in love with a youtuber named Leva who is a absolutely gorgeus girl and gave showed me how pretty and soft(!) red lips and dark colour can look on a girl. 

You should definitly check her out when u have a free moment!

So yes, pretty much the new Dior collection is what I am now all about, and it makes me soo glad!
What do you girls think?


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