poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2012

Ladurée Make-up!

Also such a fan of macaroons from Paris? Ladurée is coming with a make-up collection!
Ladurée started in 1862, few years back they came with scented candles and parfums, now its time for make-up!
Eyeshadow in form of a macaroon? Lipgloss with a sweet taste? This serie is planned to come out this autumn!
I am wondering how Ladurée's blush, lipstick and foundation will look like.
I have found some pictures of their products on internet, but it's just a small sneak-peak of the collection Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée. Have a look!

Are you exited as I am? Look how sweet all their products look like!
I've heard the collection will be released in february in Japan, but Europa needs to wait for quite a bit.
Ah well, I'm sure it's gonna be worth it!


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